6 Design Ideas To Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

Many homeowners use bathrooms as personal sanctuaries to wash away stress and revive their souls—no matter the size of their bathroom. You might wonder how someone could unwind in a small bathroom? Well, just because your bathroom is short on space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice on either style or storage solutions. With clever design tricks, your small bathroom can look bigger and more comfortable than you thought.

In this article, we will show you six small bathroom designs to help you make the most of your small bathroom.


Choose Soft Colour Schemes to Open Up Your Small Bathroom



Colour alters our perception of a room’s size. To create the illusion of more space, you should use neutral or pastel hues as the main palette of your small bathroom. Some may say that soft colours are dull, but both neutrals and pastels are two of the most popular paint colours this year! Plus, no one said that you have to stick to plain pink or bland beige. If you want your small bathroom to have a modern touch, you can buy some bold-coloured towels or accessories to add charm to your bathroom.


Recessed Lighting is the Best Choice for A Small Bathroom



Like color, light can also make your small bathroom look visually spacious. Forget chandeliers, drum pendants or any large lighting fixtures that take up too much space. Recessed lighting is your best choice as you can totally hide it in the ceiling. Moreover, its soft glow can blur the boundaries of the bathroom, making the space appear bigger than its actual size.

Besides an electric light system, consider installing a skylight or large windows to get as much natural light as possible.


Mirrors Help Reflect Light and Make the Space Look Bigger



Mirrors work with the light to create a wider look for your bathroom. So, when it comes to mirrors, go as big as possible! Furthermore, buying flat mirrors will save a lot of space compared to large medicine cabinets. According to Freshhome, bulky medicine cabinets will visually make your bathroom feel even smaller.


When It Comes to the Sink, Less is More



Vanity sinks are popular because they offer good storage and counter space in a bathroom. However, it also steals lots of your floor space. To free up more square footage, it’s time to abandon your vanity sink and replace it with a pedestal or wall-mounted sink. Both pedestal and wall-mounted sinks are terrific space-savers. You can either nestle them in the corner or mount them to the wall. Beware, you’ll be removing valuable storage space and may need to find alternative solutions.


Use any Possible Space For Extra Storage



Below are some storage solutions with more space than a typical vanity.

  • built-in storage unit is a must-have in small bathrooms. It doesn’t only make your key toiletries accessible, but it also doesn’t get in your way. For example, a corner niche in the shower room provides an additional space to place your shampoos or soaps. You can also install recessed medicine cabinets above your sink so you don’t forget to take your daily supplements.
  • Place over-the-toilet or window shelves to gain extra storage space without sacrificing any square footage.
  • Use vertical space in your bathroom for cabinetry, as it will lead your eyes up and make your bathroom feel bigger.


The Do’s and Don’ts for A Small Bathroom Shower/Tub



Your small bathroom doesn’t need a separate shower and tub to feel luxurious. By designing your shower, you can create your own VIP retreat. Looking to have a spa-like bathroom? A walk-in shower with multiple shower heads or a built-in bench will meet your needs. However, if you can’t live without a tub, make a compromise and opt for a tub-shower combination.

Although a shower curtain can add personality to your bathroom, it also separates your bathroom visually. To maintain the open view of your small bathroom, you should enclose your shower/tub area with a clear glass door instead.




Are you ready to give your small bathroom a whole new (and bigger) look? Based off our customer reports, most homeowners spend between £5,037 and £8,001 on a bathroom renovation. Use the form below to get in touch today.

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